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Motorola Sun Power: Solar-powered Phone

In the year 2010, there are so many cool gadgets that already exist. One of the most popular and useful gadgets of today is the cellphone; wherein people have cellphones which they use for communicating with their loved ones. One of the most important features in a cellphone is how long your battery will hold, both while you are using the phone and while it is on stand-by. Well apparently, these kinds of things happen also to the guys from Motorola so they decided to develop the first cellphone that is rechargeable on solar energy. So today they gave us the Motorola Sun Power.


Motorola Sun Power: Solar-powered Phone

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Motorola Sun power recharges itself by taking energy from the sun through the cellphones’ LCD screen. Not to mention that alternative energy sources such as solar energy are the energy sources of the future.Because of this, we can now conserve electricity in such a way that we can now use nature in fulfilling our needs.It can help many people in a way that they would not worry on where to charge their cellphone in case there is no electricity.

This is one of the coolest gadgets in the year 2010. There are so many gadgets that as of today many people invented newer and easier to implement gadgets that can help us in our daily lives and make our life easier because of these new gadgets.

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