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The Digital Microscope

This new gadget which is the digital microscope is one of the many gadgets that have been created in this year 2010.The inventor of this Digital Microscope is the Think Geek.



microscope that can be plugged in USB port


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The digital microscope can be used by people who are into jewelries, forensics and also by scientists so that they view easily what are hard to see. Furthermore, this gadget automatically records videos and takes pictures from the things that you are looking in the microscope; you don’t need to set up a camera to record some videos and have an image of it. It’s multi-purpose so it can help a lot to make our lives easier and faster.

This new gadget is easy to implement, you just need to connect the USB Digital microscope to any USB port in your computer and also install the software that is available for the device and all the things that you want to see will be magnified in the computer up to 200x. The photos that the digital microscope can take can have as much a resolution up to 1024 x 768.

This new gadget can make our life better, and as we can see that as the people invented new gadgets through their imagination, this can make this world a better place and more applicable to the type of people we have as of today and to the next generation. We should continue to implore our minds to invent new things because innovation is always around the corner.


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