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3D Printer Can Print With Ten Different Materials


We all know that 3D printing is now one of the hottest topics and new technologies that everyone is looking for. It seems like the cost to have a 3D printer is worth more than 250,000 dollars. It is also expected that the materials used for the object that was printed are more on plastic object. The researchers at MIT said that they already made a printer with 10 different materials. This 3D printer doesn't just use 10 different materials but is also able to self-calibrate and self-correct. That means it can locate and track mistakes and work for theseagain. Although the main issue with different materials in printing is the different conditions in the pressure needed, this machine can mix microscopic droplets of photopolymers together that are sent through inkjet. The printer only costs 7000 dollars, far away from the old 3D printer that costs so much. Everyone is looking in to this invention. 

Reference: 3D Printer Can Print With Ten Different Materials 

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