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Drone Defribillator

One of the innovations in technology that is used in emergency situations.  A Student’s ambitions to use technology that can help save lives in times of need...


         Alex Momont, student from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands made this drone because he needed something for his final project, he thought of an idea when he saw his neighbor in a cardiac arrest when the ambulance hadn't arrive at the moment yet.

           He knows that drones right now have not have much significance at this present time, Alex thought "what if drones could be used to carry emergency supplies?" Then he developed a drone with a built in Automated External Defribillator (AED), that is like a small copter. A portable one, it has a GPS (global positioning system) which can track the caller's mobile device and a small webcam to instruct you on what to do with the AED because the webcam is controlled by the instructor and can see everything on your end. So it will make it easier to see what's happening with the situation of the victim.

           It still on development though!!!, but it is really a big help for everybody, just support him doing this type of project.

AED - a small and portable electronic device that is used to try to revive a person.


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