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Smartphone Case Extends Trackpad Surface

Handheld devices can now enjoy their trackpad experience by the new technology Fuffr team has developed. With motion-sensing technology, you can control your device just by touching any hard surface. Aside from having a better user experience, it also avoids accidents and scratches from your screen. The Fuffr case has motion sensors that keeps track of your movements and sends signals back to your device using Bluebooth.

The Fuffr case lets you zoom, multitouch and more. The Fuffr case is still undergoing improvements and will be releasing soon. Imagine not having to worry about choosing the right screen size for your device and letting you play games without touching your screen. The video below demonstrates how Fuffr works.






0 #1 Lanie Yao 2014-09-09 09:20
wow, amazing!

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