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Controllers for All

The recent iOS 7 jailbreak has opened the door for a whole host of new tweaks; and one of the most handy looks to be Controllers for All, a $1.99 (£1.20) app that lets you pair up your PlayStation 3 pad with your iPhone or iPad and then enables you to use it with any game that supports Apple’s MFi controller. You do have to pair up your PS3 controller through your computer, but that only needs to be done once, and when you’re up and running, you can start gaming to your heart’s content.


The tweak lets your connected PS3 pad masquerade as a registered Apple accessory, and tricks your phone or tablet into thinking it’s a proper iOS 7 gamepad, so you can kick back with games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and play them just like you did on the PlayStation 2. Best of all, AirPlay lets you beam over your phone or tablet’s screen to your TV via an Apple TV puck, making your iOS gadget a tiny little games console.

Developer Ori Kadosh promises support for further controllers, including the PS4 DualShock 4, in the near future.



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