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Logitech PowerShell Controller Turns iPhone Into Gaming Handheld

Are you ready to take your iPhone to the next level of gaming experience? Introducing, the "Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery".

This new product of Logitech not only can be a game console, but also a charger! But this is only compatible for iPhone 5, 5S or iPod Touch 5. (iPhone 5C not included)


The PowerShell requires Lightning connectivity, designed as snap-on controller case, doubles as rechargeable battery-pack case, supports Bluetooth connection, and all buttons are pressure-sensitive.

On the other hand, it only has 1 directional pad, four-color coded and lettered buttons, and 2 top shoulder buttons, plus a pause button and on/off for the iPhone/iPod that's inside. It lacks the extra dual analog pads and dual analog triggers. This Powershell has the minimal, "Standard" layout.

The PowerShell is now available to order today for only $99.99. Although it is available to order today, it won't be shipping until December.

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