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Android Kitkat 4.4

Google name each iteration of Android after a different confectionary - from Cupcake to today's Jelly Bean. For months, we believed that the next Android would be called "Key Lime Pie", but it was actually KITKAT.

The new Android 4.4 Kitkat has a new home screen, lock screen, and app drawer - all of which seem to borrow elements from Apple's iOS 7.

The blue Holo theme from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been replaced with an off-white for the menu bar and app drawer.

There's also a camera shortcut placed in the lower right of the corner of the lockscreen - much like on iOS 7. The ability to access the camera via a swipe gesture is also available.

Google can now be accessed by swiping left on the left-most home screen.

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