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Apple iOs7

The latest version of Apple’s flagship mobile operating system, is here, and it’s almost entirely different from the versions that came before. Gone are the skeuomorphic designs and 3D effects, replaced by Sir Jony Ive’s “flat design.”


-iOS 7 has a new font leading the way. It’s very skinny, clean.

-Instead of white bars on a black background, Apple will now tell you what kind of service coverage you have with five little dots, which are white and grey depending on how strong the signal is across a translucent background.

-The lock screen is changed, with no more shine top or bottom bars for slide to unlock or the clock. Instead, slide to unlock is translucent above the background image.

-Default app icons are now flatter.

-The notifications panel isn’t laced with dark grey linen anymore, but actually has a very flat look to it. There is a today view that lets you see friends’ birthdays, upcoming invitations, calendar, stocks, and a quick look at tomorrow.

-The keyboard is more white, than grey, with a translucency that lets you see what’s underneath the keyboard.



-Control Center is a pull-up tray that is available in your lock screen.

-You can adjust brightness, volume, and other settings including Wifi, Airplane mode, rotation lock, or Bluetooth.

-It even offers a flashlight, along with tabs for music, camera, and other quick-access apps.


 -iOS 7 lets you multitask between all third-party apps with much better battery consumption.

 -You can double-tap the home button to enter into multi-tasking mode, just like always, but the interface for multitasking has been revamped. It appears to offer live previews, but Apple wasn’t clear about that.


 -The Camera app lets you swipe between your various camera types, such as panorama or HDR so you can quickly take a pic instead of fumbling around with settings.

 -You can search based on date, and location, within the photos app.

 -Instagram must be flattered — Apple has introduced photo filters so you can add a little professionalism to the picture.


 -This is for those people who have had an iPhone stolen. If a thief steals your phone and tries to turn off Find My iPhone, they can no longer turn the device back on without your iCloud password.

 -Users can also block messages and calls from other users.



0 #1 Diane Chua 2013-07-17 05:30
Looks nice! cant wait for the release.

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