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LG Pocket Photo Smart

Have you ever had the desire to print photos while on the road, creating a physical scrapbook as you go? Okay, so maybe you haven’t, but just in case, LG has figured it out for you. The LG Pocket Photo Smart is a super portable wireless printer that can fit in the palm of your hand. This pocket-sized printer connects to Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth or NFC and uses “inkless” ZINC technology.

This works by heating special paper containing colour-forming molecules packed into layers that, once melted, form the everlasting image of you drunkenly giving a double thumbs-up whilst meeting Wagner from X Factor.
It is able to sync up to any Android or iOS device – just download the accompanying LG app first – and you can turn out 2×3-inch prints of your favorite travel memories. The app even lets you make simple photo edits before printing and, for reasons we’re not entirely sure of, stamp QR codes onto them.



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