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The Next iPad: iPad 5

Mingchi Kuo is an analyst from KGI Securities with a very solid track of Apple tea leaf reading. According to him, the next iPad will be both 15 percent thinner than the fourth-generation device and 25 percent lighter.

The size reduction is due to a handful of tweaks, Kuo said. That includes a battery that's 25 percent to 30 percent smaller, and improvements on display panels and A-series chip technology. Apple also will use the same touch technology found on the iPad Mini, which is thinner than what it currently uses on its full-size iPads.

"Thinness and lighter are key attributes," Kuo said in the note. "We think one of the reasons iPad 3 and iPad 4 didn't sell as well as expected was they are both heavier and thicker than iPad 2."

Kuo expects the next iPad will appear at the end of the third quarter of the calendar. But this is just the latest in a series of rumors and murmurs pointing to a slimmer iPad.




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