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Vaudeville Robot

Vaudeville Robot

Tomorrow's world is staring you in the face, in the form of a 3.8m robot capable of fitting a human pilot inside. Japanese robot enthusiasts have begun building that futuristic vision — and they have several clever ideas for controlling the nearly five-ton robot in ways that evoke different science fiction films.

The Vaudeville robot, which rolls on wheels, is being developed by a small group that calls itself Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The group's website reflects some outdated information — the robot was supposed to go on sale last December. Someone uploaded a YouTube video of the robot April 30.

One control scheme resembles how human soldiers operate their giant robot warriors in science fiction films such as "Avatar": The person simply grips handle bars inside the pilot's seat to control the robot's arms. Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect system even may allow the human pilot to control which way the robotic cockpit faces simply by turning his or her head (a feature the U.S. Army wants for its attack helicopters).

The Vaudeville robot allows a human pilot to sit inside and resembles a giant mechanical warrior out of science fiction.

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