General Assembly 2017 - GUI: General User Interface

Computer Society of Chiang Kai Shek College Narra Campus held its first general assembly entitled “GUI: General User Interface” on August 8, 2017 (Tuesday) from 2 PM - 5 PM at the 7th floor, Room 701 - 703.


Masters of Ceremony, Renz Chan and Jake Tan, started the program promptly as soon as the senior high students have arrived. First, everyone was asked to stand and to give respect for the singing of the Philippine National Anthem lead by Hannah Quieng. It was then followed by a short prayer by Rvy Tan, who prayed for the success of the event and for the safety of its participants. After the National Anthem and prayer, Renz Chan proceeded to introduce the speaker of the short seminar for the event, Mr. Milwell Sia, to discuss the new trends in the IT industry. To name a few, the talk included informations about Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. When the seminar was over, the president of the organization, Danielle Lobendino, introduced her fellow officers for the school year 2017-2018.


A ten-minute break was given to everyone, the participants and the organizers alike, to refresh themselves with the food and beverages provided by the organization. Jake Tan then introduced the game, Family Feud with a twist of technology, in which all of the participants were encouraged to join. The audience were asked to group themselves based on the stubs that they got from registration. As the participants finished grouping themselves by ten, with a total of 6 groups, the assigned officers for each group immediately started the game. After a long and chaotic round of Family Feud, it was time to tabulate the scores. Group 2, with 268 points, won first prize, with all ten members getting a portable fan each, while group 6, with 180 points, came in 2nd, and all ten members got a USB fan each. To end the event, Program Chair, Mr. Lester Hao, was asked to deliver the Closing Remarks. He stated a heartfelt message about what Computer Society Represents and what it will be down the academic year.


Written by: Jilbert Kiok Kan

Edited by: Danielle Lobendino


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