ITE Week

Date: February 9-12, 2016

Organizer: Computer Society Officers

Place: College Lobby


Last February 09 -12, 2016 the computer society held its ITE Week entitled "BRING I.T. ON" at the lobby of the college building. ITE Week allows IT/CS students to showcase their skills in terms of designing as well as programming in a project exhibit. 

This year, in line with the event of showcasing the talents of the IT/CS students, the computer society also had 3 mini booths in the lobby. First is the Instax Booth wherein students from different courses can have a picture in an instax film for only 40 pesos. Second, the Game Booth, wherein the student who scored the highest in the Color Switch by the end of the week will get to have a box of Krispy Kreme. The winner who scored 65 at the end of the week was Ryan Cabacongan, an Accounting student. The third booth was the Valentine's Booth, where the organization was able to sell small valentines treat worth 10 pesos each for everyone.

Moreover, the COMSOC committee also organized two seminars. One is entitled, "Your Android and Beyond" by Ms. Theresa Albufera while the other is "Get Hired! What it takes to get hired and be among the industry leaders" by Mr. Oscar Gampon. Both seminars was held at the AVR of the college, Tuesday 10 am and Thursday 2 pm respectively.

It was an honor for the whole COMSOC committee to organize and hold such event in the college.

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