Android and Beyond

Date: February 9, 2016
Place: AVR

The first seminar conducted in celebration of IT Week was about android apps entitled "Android and Beyond". Held last February 9 at the AV Room, the speaker was Ms.Theresa Albufera. She graduated with the Degree Master in Information Technology, and Degree Doctor in Education. Teaching web development animation and graphics programming using PHP, Java, Python are her majors.

Ms. Albufera made the presentation light and easy to understand because the crowd was a combination of business-related and computer-related course. She tackled lightly what lies underneath the android applications - the architectural layers .

The bottommost layer is the Linux kernel, wherein it houses all the hardware drivers. The top next layer includes Android's libraries and runtime. The libraries are like set of instructions that tell the device how to handle that data. While run-time are those set of core Java libraries. The next top layer is the application framework, various manager to access all hardware related services. The topmost layer, it comprises of the application themselves.

As the speaker shows a video of 10 useful apps, the audience were amazed by it. Some of the apps that were shown includes TeamViewer, Layar, Augment. After the seminar, some of the students already downloaded the apps to try it themselves. 

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