General Assembly 2015

Every year, the officers of CKSC Computer Society organize an event for all IT and CS students to meet, get to know one another and to have lots of fun, especially the first year students.

This event is known as the General Assembly. It took place on July 16, 2015 (Thursday) on the 7th floor of Chiang Kai Shek College around 1:30pm. The event kicked off starting with the opening speech of the ComSoc President, Glyza Go, welcoming everyone to the event. The officers were introduced then starting from the president down to the representatives of each batch. Moreover, the election of the first year batch representative took place and the elected student was Jao Suarez.


The highlight of the General Assembly was the game proper where everyone was excited to participate. Students were assigned into 5 groups on which each group has 1 officer to assist and guide them. The first game was just an icebreaker. It is basically a no-point game. Knowing the name of their teammates and the other team members' name was the main objective of the icebreaker. All the succeeding games after the first were where the real game began. "Pass the message" with a twist was the second game played in the event. This game showed how each team would communicate to each other with only using their facial expressions. No one got the correct answer so the winning team was based on which team got the closest one from the right answer. The 3rd game was called the “Bottoms Up v2.0” followed by the “Chopstick Cornick” and lastly, “The Chubby Bunny” Game.

After the games, the awardees were announced starting from the Lanyard Design Contest winner, Maxine Velasco (3rdYear), to the winners of the games. The overall scores were tallied and the results were:

5th Place: Group 2
4th Place: Group 3
3rd Place: Group 4
2nd Place: Group 5
1st Place: Group 1

The giving of snacks plus evaluation of the whole event was next and last but not the least, the closing remarks. It was definitely a fun and fruitful event!!


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