Technology, technology… What about technology. What is new in today’s innovations that is about technology?!


       Before I talk about the article itself, we, the COMSOC organization would like to thank everyone who supported our event and made our event possible. We would also like to thank our media partners and participating companies:


Participating Companies:
  • Big Scoop
  • Chowking
  • CKSC HRM Society
  • Eastern Telecom
  • First Educspec % First Datacorp
  • Jamaican
  • Kendi Shop
  • Kensonic
  • Kimian's Catering
  • Lenotech Corporation
  • Limhong Battery
  • Mantou
  • Mcdonalds
  • Microsoft
  • Millenium
  • NYFD
  • Pantronics
  • PC Express
  • Qube
  • Quotation Mart
  • RoyQuenn
  • Sun Cellular
  • Superduck PH
  • Takoyummy
  • Total Quality Machines 
  • Wondercoverme
  • Xiaomi
  • Zagu


Media Partners:

  • Chinoy TV

  • World News

The Computer Society (COMSOC) Organization started in the year 1997, headed by Albert Veloso and Mr. Arnel Fajardo who acted as the first adviser. The organization’s aim is to become an essential factor in every student who takes up any of the computer courses in Chiang Kai Shek College FBAS Narra Campus. Now, CompWare: an event of showcasing our outstanding projects made by our computer students; also, an exhibit of the newest line of technology products that are released in the market.

        Well, last February 12 and 13, from 8 am to 4 pm, COMPWARE 2015 entitled “Design and Technology in Harmony” held at the 7th flr of Chiang Kai Shek College FBAS Narra Campus. Ribbon cut is by this year’s president Dr. Dory Poa, supporting that students and events all the way, together with our Alumni Association President, Philip Chan and our COMSOC president, Joever Gaw.

       After the ribbon cutting, we had our CKSC lion dance team perform to bless us with luck and good fortune for this event. 

       This years’ Compware was a little bit different but you saw a lot of new and interesting items. This year, we had new exhibitors like Mi Philippines, Kensonic, Lenovo joining us in this wonderful event. We had our very own HRMS (Hotel and Restaurant Management Society) food stall handled by the HRM students and an exhibitor stall named “Quatation Mart” that sells powerbanks, chargers and casings. We showcased the skills of our COMSOC in movie making and graphics with their movie making projects.

        Furthermore, kids these days will buy anything that is used in gaming and in data storage. They will buy things that they think is worth their money and within reach of their wallets, pockets, allowances or their budgets. Then, our COMSOC photobooth is there to fill up your life with memories and experiences together with your friends.

       After that, we have a stall that can customized your casing specifically Iphone models and Samsung models. Then, we have a variety of stalls that sells keyboard, mouse, television's security cameras, flash drives, hard drives and many more items for you to see and choose for yourself as well. We also had raffles for every hour.

       Next is, you can’t go out or not have food stalls because what is gonna satisfy the visitors when the're hungry?!... You can never take this away from an event. Therefore we have different kinds and variety of foods placed so that your pallet is satisfied and your stomach will not go hungry but rather be filled with different tastes and kinds of food.

       To wrap it up, COMPWARE 2015 is an interesting event that showcased the student and their projects that they worked for really hard and new lines of technology that the exhibitors offer and new exhibitors for COMPWARE. Of course, don’t forget the food stalls that filled your stomachs and the raffles.

       What would the next COMPWARE be like? What items will it offer? So, guys prepare for the next COMPWARE that will be held on the next two years!!! You never know what you might find and see in the COMPWARE that you might like for your own pleasure and needs.


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