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Computer Science SummitComputer Science Summit

We were on our way to UP Diliman campus to attend the very first Computer Science Summit. Upon arrival, we were accompanied by ushers to the event itself held in the UP College of Engineering. It was held on the 7th February 2015 from 9:30 am to 5 pm. We witnessed different talks from different speaker mainly from UP lecturers and alumni. It was empowering to hear about their experiences and learn from them. Moreso, it was inspiring to know how it is in the industry and how we should perceive education being tackled in the Computer Science course, which will be really helpful to upcoming freshmen and knowing what course they entered to. 


The first part of the program was empowering. After that, we had our break and moved on to the exhibit. It was nice to see other school's work as an inspiration for us to use in our upcoming projects. Exhibits include modern type of games that exceeds expectations for UP undergraduates. Having to interact with them while showing their projects expands our ideas and thinking outside the box. 

The second part of the program was to listen to different section of speeches including robotics, animation, project management ad programming. Our organization chose robotics that has been very innovative in many ways. Before the speech began, we interacted with each other by having human bingo that loosen up the crowd and gained few acquaintances. Inside the robotics speech we had a workshop where we were grouped into four and given materials to build robots that compliments their theme, Now Installing. 

The program was organized and unlike any other that we've been to. We look forward to more workshops like these. 

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