A Glimpse of Robotics

With the discovery of machines, it has broken boundaries that brings us into the full extent of our capabilities to innovate more. Machines aren't only levers and screw as per Sir Oscar Gampon, they are also bridges to so much more.

Mr. Gampon, a staff of the High School CKSC MIS Department, lead a seminar entitled "Machine & You". The seminar was held at the 4th floor AVR room on September 18, 2014, 1:30 - 4:00 in the afternoon. From being a graphic artist, he had many experiences on programming machines in a creative way. He showcased his projects he was involved in. The following projects include:

  1. The first 32 to 54 inch touch screen brought in the Philippines, used for Manila Ocean Park that keeps visitors entertained.
  2. Wall projection that uses hologram technology that extends touch screen capability into walls which was used for malls and events.
  3. Microcrontroller, unlike his other projects, this was for his personal use. He used local microcontroller and RFID to develop touch sensitive controller that adjust volume for speakers when sliding the surface upward or down.

During the seminar, he demonstrated and showed to us samples of RFID and microcontrollers that may be useful in the future. Not only he focused on microcontrollers, he also introduced the much loved motion sensor technology that is used for kinect games.

As a programmer, Mr. Gampon shared his knowledge on how to be wise around the industry. According to him, programming isn't only for personal goals, it is also for the person you're developing for.


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