IT Week 2014

IT Week was held on the second week of February. But it was not celebrated for a week for some reason, it was only celebrated from February 13-14, 2014.

This year, in celebration of IT Week, ITE students showcased their talents, skills, and creativeness at photoshopping, website designing, and 3-D modeling. Those who had beautiful hands-on activities and projects were included in the exhibit. This is to show what IT students are capable of; not just with codes and techy stuff, but also in designing.

The computers are placed at the lobby so that everyone can passed through it and look at the projects. Many students looked at the works of ITE students, and most of them are impressed on what they saw, especially in 3-D modeling. They are really realistic and detailed. 

Because Valentine's day is also on the same week as IT Week, officers of Computer Society also helped Friends Organization to distribute or send the letters, chocolates, or flowers to the recipient. 

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