New Officers for 2014-2015

Last February 21, 2014, COMSOC members were all gather around at CKSC's canteen to hold their last general assembly for this school year. The event started around 1:00PM. Since almost every member attended it, it also became the opportunity of voting for the next school year's officers. With every members' participation to nominate and vote for a person that is suitable for a particular position here is the outcome:

President Joever Gaw
Vice President(Internal) Myka Santos
A.Vice President(Internal) Janine Go
Vice President(External) Henriette Chua
A.Vice President(External) Matthew King
Secretary Glyza Go
Treasurer Bryan Ang
Auditor Bianca Tan
Business Manager Caroline Ong
P.R.O. Allan Wu
Louise Sy
Photographer Jilbert Tanzo

Thank you for our officers this school year for doing their best and their part! And for our new officers, Congratulations! May these new officers bring improvement to COMSOC for the next school year!
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