Sportsfest 2013

Last November 22, 2013, the Student Executive Council held an annual Sportsfest that was open to all students. This year's game was more fun and exciting than last year's. This year, the game was more on physical activities like jumping and running, and the use of teamwork, strength, and strategy was a must to win the game.

The program started off by introduction of the basketball teams that joined the intrams. Followed by the mini-olympics.

The first game was jumping rope, but not just any jumping rope, 12 players should jump all together and the rope must pass under them without hindrances so that they could earn a point. The second game was called Caterpillar with a twist. The rule was, members of the team must hold on to each other tightly and protect the balloons that were tied onto their ankles.

During the second game, the audience were stoked because it was fun and intense! All courses were chasing each other to pop the balloon, while the ITE team were just standing in the corner waiting for them to be chased. Only few teams left, that's when other teams noticed that all balloons are still intact. That's the time they attacked the ITE team. The ITE team was very good at this game, they managed to avoid all the popping. In the end, the ITE team won the second game.

The third game was the sack race. 2 players in one sack must jump their way around back to their base. Fourth game was tissue. A player must be wrapped by a tissue then walk around, then the first one to remove the tissue wins. Fifth game, the wheelbarrow. One player will walk or crawl using his hands, while the other player holds the feet of the crawler. At the middle of the lapse, the crawler should get one cookie and return to their base. The last game, was the "Don't Blow The Joker". A deck of cards is placed on top of a bottle, then a player should blow all the cards out except for the Joker. Unfortunately, nobody won.

At the end of the program, the tally was shown. The 2nd runner-up was the Education & Entrepreneurs group. First runner-up was the Marketing group. And our 1st place winner was the HRM group! Everyone who participated the Sportsfest was tired, but they surely had fun! One of the most fun Sportsfest yet! 

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