Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is COMSOC?

COMSOC or the Computer Society is an IT Organization of CKSC. Its main purpose is to help and understand the needs of our members not only academically but also to encourage or develop their interpersonal relationships with other people.


2. Who can be a member?

COMSOC accepts any CKSC students to be a member of this organization as the activities we provide are not limited to the field of IT and may also include that of business such as e-commerce.


3. Is there a membership fee in joining the organization?

There is a membership fee of Php150.00 for the old members and Php180.00 for the new members who would like to join COMSOC.


4. What are the common activities? What benefits can we get in joining your activities?

Common activities that we offer to our members are seminars, workshops and tutorials like ones for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, PHP, and many more. We also hold tutorials for programming, web designing, other aspects of multimedia development and more subjects that are related to our field. Through these, our members gain more knowledge on the programs and applications most often used in their education and future career. COMSOC also holds interschool activities like basketball, team-building or excursions.

5. What other benefits do we get for joining COMSOC?

Members also benefit from the privileges in other commercial establishments using their membership cards.


6. Where do you get your funds?

We get our funds from the membership fee and some fund raising events we organize.


7. Can we give comments or suggestions?

Yes, you are free to give suggestions or comments that you wish to tell us! You can simply approach any of our officers or email us at and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.