History of COMSOC

Computer Society (COMSOC) started in the year 1997 as headed by Albert Veloso and Mr. Arnel Fajardo who acted as the first adviser. The organization aims to become an essential factor in every student who takes up any of Chiang Kai Shek College's computer courses: Computer Science, Information Technology or Information Sciences. Seminars, workshops and special trainings are offered to students to help improve their skills but further there, through the support it gives its members beyond their academics, COMSOC becomes to them the society — or family — to belong to as its name suggests.

In the school year of 2001-2002, Mr. Raymund Dimaranan became the adviser of COMSOC but in the school year 2010-2011, Mrs. Elizabeth Marasigan joined Mr. Raymund Dimaranan as co-adviser of COMSOC. For school year 2011-2012, Mr. Danilo Supelana took over as adviser for COMSOC and joined Mrs. Marasigan as co-adviser.

The school year is also marked by the first CompWare — an event spearheaded by COMSOC officers mainly to showcase outstanding student projects and boast their skills and creativity. The event also acts as an exhibit of the newest line of technological products released in the market, demonstrating to the visitors the new world that they are now living in.

Since 2006, seminars such as the "Job Preparedness Program", "Leadership Training", "Fundamentals of MAC OS X", "Microsoft Expression Blend", "Photoshop Workshop", "Flash Animation Workshop", "PHP Seminar" have been offered to students of Chiang Kai Shek College among many others. Interschool basketball competitions and battles of the bands have started at 2008.

Each year, COMSOC chooses a new president to lead the organization. Their names and the school year they were elected for are listed from the most recent to the first:

Alexander Dairo (S.Y. 2013-present)
Kathleen Teng (S.Y. 2012-2013)
John Chester Chang (S.Y. 2011-2012)
Stewart Ocampo (S.Y. 2010-2011)
Marck Anthony Doctor (S.Y. 2009-2010)
Eliza Go (S.Y. 2008-2009)
Betty Chua (S.Y. 2007-2008)
Anthonette Lim (S.Y. 2006-2007)
Raymond Irvin Uy (S.Y. 2005-2006)
Ryan Ching (S.Y. 2004-2005)
Richmond Lao (S.Y. 2003-2004)
Alexandra Sia Co (S.Y. 2002-2003)
Natalie Pua (S.Y. 2001-2002)
Natalie Pua (S.Y. 2000-2001)
Dominic Uy (S.Y. 1999-2000)
Jowell Tan (S.Y. 1998-1999)
Albert Veloso (S.Y. 1997-1998)