Technology News

iRex DR300SG eBook Reader

Most people today have resorted to reading eBooks.  Why not? They cost less than their printed version, they are portable, and they can easily be bought and downloaded from the internet.  The only problem with them is the actual reading in front of the pc or notebook computer.  It just does not give the comforts of reading a real book.  Fortunately, iRex Technologies has provided the market with its iRex DR300SG eBook reader.

Penguin Tea boy

For those tea lovers out there here’s a cool gadget for you.


Bluetooth Keyboard

Are you tired or bored of your traditional keyboard?  Then use the Bluetooth keyboard.


Yuno Coffee Cup

Coffee is one of the major requirements to complete one’s morning.  A person may feel satisfied in the morning with a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and maybe an efficient handheld organizer.  Did you know that all of those can be combined in a single gadget?


Body Bugg

When working out you can actually feel the fats burning, but you cannot be fully satisfied with just feeling it.  Sometimes you’ll even think that nothing is happening.  Yes, you might feel healthier and a little bit lighter but honestly you want to see if your weight loss methods are working; you want to see it to believe it!  With the BodyBugg you can actually see your fats burning.