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Shoot and Share

Ever wanted to shoot photos and videos and share them with your friends in an instant? well the Shoot and Share is just for you.


Blackberry playbook tablet PC

The Black Berry Playbook Tablet PC is one of the newest gadgets that the Blackberry Company has created for the past few years. This is the first product of the Blackberry which has a multitasking Operating System — browsing two or more tasks at the same time. Also the first ultra-portable, super convenient, multiprocessing and professional-grade tablet with an exclusive highly secure and efficient Operating System.

Universal Keychain

Universal Keychain is very useful in one ’s life most especially to people that can easily forget things. It is also very helpful in case of emergencies like power shortage or brown-out. The Universal keychain is a very little and wireless gadget that can be use as remote control for the TV, a bottle opener and a flash light. What is good about this gadget is that it is so small and easy to carry anywhere you go.

Solar powered plant pot

The Solar Powered Plant pot is one of the coolest gadgets which can help us in lessening our electric bill. It is a pot that has a built in light that can help us see at night without the use of the light in our house with solar power.

Make Up Laptop

Last minute retouches? you don't need a big bag just your laptop.