Technology News

Takara Tomy I-sobot robot

There are many robots that have been developed today. Some of them are very helpful. This new robot which they call i-sobot is a Japanese robot made by Takara Tomy. It is the smallest robot in the world because it measures 6.5” (165mm) high, 3.77” (96mm) wide, 2.64” (67mm) deep and weight which is 14 ounces (400g).

Cellphone Voice Changer

There are many gadgets that are being discovered by some developers that may or may not help us in our basic need. This newest gadget can help make our life easier but it may also have a bad effect in our lives.

Cell phone signal extender

Today, one of the most important gadgets in the industry is cell phones. Cell phones are used in communicating with other people like friends, family and many others. But sometimes in using this we are experiencing a problem in signal so this new gadget is one of the solutions the Cell phone Signal Extender.

Stainless video data watch

The 8GB Stainless Steel Video Data Watch is the new gadget that plays music, video, movie. Also like any other watches it tells time but it’s different from other watch because it has an ability to have this feature that you can bring anywhere. Its screen is 1.8” that shows a full and bright color with large pixel count and FPS.

Tron inspired gadgets

With the release of the highly anticipated sequel to the 1982 film Tron, both Disney and Razer has released some cool gadgets for fans to sink their teeth into.