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GL20: Camera Glasses

Lady Gaga Camera Glasses

Looking at this, it may look like it is a rip off from Lady Gaga’s infamous sunglasses but not really.

Motorola Xoom

There are many new technologies that have been built by various companies to ease people of their lives and set the standards for the upcoming generations. One of these gadgets is what we call the “Motorola Xoom”.

Speaker in a pillow

Were there times you want to listen to music so you could fall asleep but couldn't because you might wake up the person beside you in the same room? Fret no more; The Personal speaker Pillow is the solution.


remote controller wrist watch

Tired of losing your remote controller? Well what you need is a remote controller that is strapped to your wrist.


Key Ring Alcohol Breath Tester

This is the new gadget that is suitable for those drivers who drink liquor at night. This is the “alcohol breath tester in your key ring”. This key ring can help drivers know if they are sober enough to drive their car. This can minimize car accidents caused by stubborn drunk drivers.