Technology News

ElectroHub Wireless Charger

Hub that charges electronic devices

While we've seen wireless charging concepts before – specifically the Powermat – but ElectroHub has a slightly better way of doing things. Simply stick the ElectroHub battery replacements into your devices and they'll work.

UWater G2

waterproof headphones: UWater G2

With summer officially under way, what place to be than the beach and pools to cool off the heat? The UWater G2 will be perfect for those who want to chill and listen to music.

GL10: Instant Mobile Printer

GL10: Instant Mobile printer

For those people who are very interested in printing and editing their photos on the go, you will love this.

GL30: Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Style Digital Camera

After the release of the GL20 aka Lady Gaga’s sunglasses that takes pictures and videos, then comes GL30 instant camera.

Nintendo 3DS

3D Nintendo console

For those who love the Nintendo games and the 3D technology, this gadget will be perfect for you.