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Tiny Origami Robot


This 1.7cm long Tiny Origami Robot made by Shuhei Miyashita and colleagues at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is self-folding, walks, swims, and then recycles itself when its job is done. This tiny machine made of plastic and containing a magnet can be "programmed" by an external magnetic field. It also contracts when heated, created from a flat sheet that folds up along cut marks at a temperature of 65°C, thanks to polyvinyl chloride. Moreover, this robot can dissolve in either water or acetone, leaving only the permanent magnet behind.


Reference: Tiny Origami Robot

SMART Kapp - whiteboard that transfers ideas to device

SMART kapp has made taking down meeting notes easier. SMART kapp is a 42" dry erase, capture board that lets you view notes real time, save to your device and share them with your colleagues. Also it's a great modern way to take down notes from your teacher.

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SMART Kapp can be written by any white board marker and can be dry erased. With its app features, anyone missing in the meeting can also stream meeting notes wherever they are. Users have an option to capture or record it real time.

See SMART Kapp in action above.


Available in SMART Kapp's partner store for $899.



FLUX - bringing imagination to life

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3D printing has been in the market since the 1980s, it has been used for mass production and contributed a lot in the field of science especially biology. With lots of options of 3D printers to choose from, FLUX has all the scanning, engraving and printing combined in just one machine. By this, you can make anything you want out of your imagination. From most loved toy you had when you were a child can be revived or spare parts for your needs including screws, stamps and the likes. 

Drone Defribillator

One of the innovations in technology that is used in emergency situations.  A Student’s ambitions to use technology that can help save lives in times of need...


Boom 5000Mah


Uncontented with the battery life of your phone?!! That you could just use your phone for a short amount of time and can't use your phone to the max!!!  With this, you'll never be short on battery life again...