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Google, Microsoft is going to place a “Kill Switch” feature on their Android and Windows phone operating systems

Authorities believed that kill switch would help deter theft. This feature will render Google Android and Microsoft Windows phone unusable to an unauthorized user for it will delete all of your data on the phone and also make it useless. This makes it pointless for the thieves to steal it from a user.

In September 2013, Apple introduced the iOS7 operating system with an “anti-theft” feature. Apple proved that it helps in reducing the number of iPhone that were being stolen.

As the number of thieves grows, Google and Microsoft also incorporated it as a security measure to their upcoming devices to lessen the stolen phones.

In an attempt to tackle the issue, policymakers have launched an initiative called Secure our Smartphones. As part of it, they have urged technology firms to take steps to make it less attractive for robbers to steal mobile devices.

Smartphone Case Extends Trackpad Surface

Handheld devices can now enjoy their trackpad experience by the new technology Fuffr team has developed. With motion-sensing technology, you can control your device just by touching any hard surface. Aside from having a better user experience, it also avoids accidents and scratches from your screen. The Fuffr case has motion sensors that keeps track of your movements and sends signals back to your device using Bluebooth.

Controllers for All

The recent iOS 7 jailbreak has opened the door for a whole host of new tweaks; and one of the most handy looks to be Controllers for All, a $1.99 (£1.20) app that lets you pair up your PlayStation 3 pad with your iPhone or iPad and then enables you to use it with any game that supports Apple’s MFi controller. You do have to pair up your PS3 controller through your computer, but that only needs to be done once, and when you’re up and running, you can start gaming to your heart’s content.

Samsung Galaxy S5

It is said that Samsung Galaxy S5 release date would be on March 2014.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a rumor that it will be fully aluminum chassis, and a new look dubbed "Design 3.0".

As for its screen, it will possibly bring a 2K display, a 560ppi for a 5-inches screen. Rumors suggest that Samsung may use LCD panels instead of AMOLED to save money on producing the handset.

Galaxy S5's operating system would be Android 4.4 Kitkat for it is the latest OS of Android.



Google glass

Many of us spend a significant portion of our day glued to our smartphones, or to other connected devices. Reading social media or checking out the weather or otherwise dipping into the wealth of data at our disposal will typically consume all of our attention, making it hard to do anything else.